Andrew S. Fulk

Malaika Recovery is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. I am completely blown away.

Dale M. Jacques

Nice work on your Malaika Recovery. Thank you so much for your help.

Deborah R. Hansen

You won’t regret it. Malaika Recovery is truly upstanding and is behind true funds recovery 100%. Malaika Recovery is great.

Bill Carney

I was formerly scammed by Blue Trading but Malaika Recovery was able to help me to get my funds back. Thanks.

William Marty

Malaika Recovery was able to resolve my issues and have my funds recovered. Thank you, Malaika Recovery.

John Panzica

We had been looking to get funds recovery for several years but all of the companies we looked into seemed to be more unscrupulous than others. But Malaika Recovery seemed to be quite different. We took a chance with them and could not have been happier with the outcome. In just two months, we recovered all our money. Everyone we spoke with at Malaika Recovery was great. And when a billing question arose, it was dealt with promptly, courteously and resolved to my full satisfaction. I wholeheartedly recommend them!

Frank & Judith Tolloti
Married Couple

We were treated respectfully at all times. Everyone we spoke with was very knowledgable and professional. Good experience and finally able to feel the relief of NOT owning a funds recovery.

James & Vida King
Married couple

Malaika Recovery was a lifesaver for us. We had exhausted every avenue to get rid or the dreadful monster [an assessor] with no success. James saw an ad on TV, called the number and set up an appointment. It was discouraging at first because we wanted free of the monster quickly, but with patience and help from Malaika Recovery, we were able to be granted a complete recovery and will ever be grateful to Malaika Recovery. Malaika Recovery is the best.

Richard Swift
Executive director at Seven Media

Malaika Recovery is my assessor of choice because of transparency. It’s simply amazing.

Alex Manny
Junior Consultant

Perfect and real-time monitoring of my account is something very beneficial to my bussiness. Thanks. read more

Greg Brown
Executive director at Malot

The incredible services provided by Malaika Recovery are authentic and second-to-none

Tiffany Green
Marketing manager at Deloitte

All services are carried out professionally. Great customer support and great services at Malaika Recovery

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